DSATM Library providing browsing facilities for students and facilities of DSATM and DSBA through digital library the users can search and access all library subscribed E-resources. Library has subscribed several E-Journals and Online Databases.  Apart from these users can access well known sites like, placement papers, Google search, E-books sites, E-journals etc…Students and staff members can lent CD/DVD’s on borrowers card for a period of 7 days.  CD Write, Floppy and light Pen, download facilities are available for users. Any help in this regard contact section incharge of Digital Library.

            Bellow for Library users we providing some useful Information for browsing things and guidelines users can go through these.


Search Engines

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Google   (Review | Help Searching)

   Librarians' Index to the Internet (Help Searching)


Clusty  (Help Searching)  

   Infomine (Help Searching)


AlltheWeb  (Review| Help Searching)



AltaVista  (Review | Help Searching)

   Yahoo (Review | Help Searching)


HotBot  (Review | Help Searching)

   About (Review | Help Searching)


Teoma  (Review | Help Searching)

   LookSmart (Review ) (Help)         

Scirus ( Science  Search Engine)                     

Recommended General Subject Directories: Table of Features


       Tips for Search Engines:
Use specific words that will be in the pages you want. All of these search engines accept quotes (" ") to form phrases, and OR (capitalized) to search for either of two or more words or "phrases."

Tips for Subject Directories:
Browse by subject or search using broad subject terms. Keep searches simple and general.


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  Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial  

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  Basic Internet Searching Class  



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