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10/04/2012 11:07

Jilted flies drown their sorrows with alcohol

Boozing boosts a reward chemical in the fly brain after sexual rejection, a finding which could inspire treatments for depression and alcoholism

Have we summoned the mysterious Majorana fermion?

The first signs of a theoretical particle that was suggested 70 years ago hold new hope for quantum computing

The latest map of Everything

A map of the whole sky has been compiled from 560 million stars, galaxies and other objects seen by NASA's infrared space telescope, WISE

Speed-dating, stolen cars and Scrabble

In Brain Trust, Garth Sundem looks to science for tips on how to improve our daily lives, from hawking stuff on eBay to losing weight

Zoomable timeline of the cosmos puts us in our place

ChronoZoom is an online timeline that lets you travel through the entire history of the universe

A message from your presidential candidate

Political "microtargeting" via social media is a double-edged sword

Neutrinos send wireless message through the Earth

Just as these subatomic particles look likely to lose their faster-than-light crown, neutrinos have a new claim to fame as a wireless communication system

Assad emails reveal Syrian leader's private life

Syrian activists had access to the private emails of President Bashar al-Assad for nine months, until a leak from Anonymous caused them to be discovered

Command robot planes with a wave of your arms

Drones could soon be controlled by gestures, according to new research and a Boeing patent

Zoologger: Unmasking the Zorro of the avian world

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, wait, it is a bird - just one wearing a face mask, like the swashbuckling fictional hero. But why?

What a solar storm sounds like

Listen to a new soundtrack that turns activity on the sun's surface into audio

A museum of creatures re-engineered by humans

The newly opened Center for PostNatural History in Pittsburgh is devoted to plants and animals that have been deliberately altered by humans

The next US president will be a social media expert

Tweets and Likes may be the key to winning hearts and minds in the US presidential race

How to dismantle a nuclear reactor

The decommissioning of nuclear power plants will become a huge global business in the 21st century

We must fight back over lab animal blockade

A growing blockade of lab animal imports must be resisted before it hinders work on new medical treatments, warns Robin Lovell-Badge

Should we rewrite the autism rule book?

Big changes are proposed for the way autism is diagnosed. It's troubling, says Fred Volkmar. Reform is right, insists Francesca Happé