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General Reference Sources  :


Great thinkers and visionaries

Nobel Prize or Nobel Prize Internet Archive


 Universal Currency Converter




Dictionaries  :


Photonics Dictionary

Dictionary of Cell Biology


Webster's Dictionary

The On-line Medical Dictionary


Biotech Dictionary

 Acronym Dictionary


International Legal Dictionary

Imagine the Universe : Astrophysics Dictionary


Telecom, Internet and Computer Dictionaries

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (Imperial College, London)


 Language Dictionaries & Translators - Includes free translation services, glossary & many more.

American Heritage -- Fourth edition has 90,000+ -Definitions from Webster's and more.

Merriam-Webster -Familiar, fast and easy dictionary.


Online Encyclopedia & Dictionaries and etc







Encyclopedia of Laser Physics and Technology


Britannica Concise

HighBea Encyclopedia


Open-site Encyclopedia

Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia


Columbia Encyclopedia, (Online encyclopedia of western sign and ideograms)


Bartleby  (Great Books Online)

Free and Open General Encyclopedia


MicroReference: Internet Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia of the Orie





NASA Thesaurus

WWWebster Thesaurus (Merriam Webster)


Roget's Thesaurus

WordNet Vocabulary --Provides homonyms, synonyms, and coordinate terms. Helper


The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary (Carnegie Mellon)

Infoplease thesaurus


Controlling your language - links to metadata vocabularies   

The Semantic Rhyming Dictionary --Use for rhymes, to spell check, to find synonyms, etc.


Almanacs / Fact Book :


CIA World Factbook

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia


Information Please Almanac






Biographical Sketches of Indian Scientists

Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography